The material used during the production, is partially recycled or reused. The 925 sterling silver in the earrings posts and the copper in the brass are made from 100% recycled material. The 925 sterling silver is also CTT-certified. 

Additionally a zero-waste policy was established, between the factory and the brand for a sustainable production process. Meaning that we as a brand always purchase bigger quantities when needed to make sure no rest material is left behind. 

We only use packaging made from FSC certified material, meaning that the trees used for production can be reproduced to minimize the ecological footprint. Everything from educating the workers, to protecting the wild life is a part of the production process. 

Looking forward we plan to find new solutions to apply to our business and take further responsibility whenever possible.


Our industry will never be fully sustainable but we see it as our responsibility to always be honest, transparent and make conscious choices throughout the entire supply chain. We are creating products of highest quality created for a long lasting durability.

At Izabel Display we are constantly striving to minimize our environmental impact in all aspects, from the production and packaging to our actions in the head quarter.